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Timely Cab Service

Always arrive on time with our taxi cab service. We are committed to providing quality customer service to ensure a timely pick-up and drop-off. Since we maintain good relations with local competition, if we are unable to take you, we’ll get another cab company to do jobitel com so on our behalf. Contact us when you need transportation to: local shows and attractions, sightseeing tours, restaurants, sporting events, fine dining, concerts, night clubs and local tours.

Our Company

Our cab service was founded by Steven Ciccantelli in 2008. At that time, many local workers were having trouble getting a taxi service or getting to work on time. Meeting this need was the reason he started this business. Steven enjoys having fun with his customers and maintaining a friendly xjobs org rapport. With superb local knowledge, Abraxi Taxi drivers can give you recommendations on places to go and things to do in St.Augustine.

Airport Shuttle Service

Abraxi Taxi operate an airport shuttle service to seven airports surrounding St.Augustine, Florida. Get to your departure gate on time and for fixed rates, so you know what you are paying in advance. Visiting St. Augustine? We can pick you up from the airport and shuttle you straight to your destination. Additional charges may apply in some circumstances. Call us for details

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User Reviews

If you enjoyed your ride, please send us a review so we can post it here.

What find!
This is the place to call for custom travel in the St. A., J’ville, Orlando area. Reasonable prices, reliable & prompt. Our driver was a former chef and gave us some good restaurant tips as well. we’ll definitely use Abraxi-Taxi next time we go.


Amazing Service!!
I’ve been riding with them since I first arrived in St Augustine, and I have to say they are the best company around! Great customer service, knowledgeable drivers, and low rates!


Took us to a concert and promised to pick up us.To our surprise he did.Nice clean car,proffessional and courtesious,yet,my wife thought he drove rather fast.


I’ve been using Abraxi Taxi ever since I moved here. Their vans are clean, the drivers are hospitable, and they definitely know their city. I definitely recommend them to anybody who’s planning on visiting St Augustine.


We always loved Steve good for him seems he has the were-withal and the moxy we wish him the best and tho we like Checker Cab we now love Abraxi.


Scooped my drunk……. up got me home.


Great Service
I’ve been riding with Abraxi since I moved to St Augustine and their service is amazing! The vans are clean, the drivers are hospitable, and they’re both knowledgeable about the history of the city and the layout of the city. I definitely recommend them.


So refreshing to see a sense of humor in what must be hard economic times,I especially enjoyed his snideness while dispatching and driving,thank God he didnt Google whilst texting.Fun ride!
Dec 31, 2009


Wow so many cabs to choose from Heck we going in an Abraxi or anyone Steve recomends seems he likes eco-rides good drivers clean cars


Thank you all without your support we would not exist.


St Augustine, FL
Steve is the bomb, if he can not get to you he will send Heather form Heathers Executive Taxi they are the coolist

Charles W.

My battery ran out was running late but steve made sure i got to work


Best cab in town!!! thanks Steve! Kathy and Dennis


Called at 3am last night/morning dude had an 18 pack of bud and picked us up 2 packs of cigs oh and some condoms for 10 bucks plus costs this guy delivered.he said he was busy he came faster then i did. (giggle)




Made our entire visit!
We recently visited St. Augustine for the first time and randomly chose a taxi company to drive us around. We were very pleasantly surprised when Abraxi Taxi turned out to be able to be as much of a tour guide as they were a safe driving experience. The driver not only knew his way around the city and the surrounding area but he was immensely helpful in providing suggestions for where (and where NOT) to eat. We ended up calling only them every time we went anywhere and highly recommend their service.


This is a great company!! They really care about their customers and make them feel as comfortable as possible. Great low rates, clean vehicles, hospitable drivers, and the drivers are knowledgeable about the city and can get you to where you want t… (More) This is a great company!! They really care about their customers and make them feel as comfortable as possible. Great low rates, clean vehicles, hospitable drivers, and the drivers are knowledgeable about the city and can get you to where you want to go. I definitely recommend them.


Abraxi Taxi Video

Our Location

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