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J2ME Mobile application development

J2ME is a java platform designed specially for the mobile devices and embedded systems. The main advantage of J2ME applications is that it can run on multitude of platforms and is supported by all leading mobile manufacturers like Nokia,Sony Ericsson,Iphone,Android,Black berry etc.

Yashco systems have the expertise in the following tools and technologies for the development of mobile applications in these platforms.

Tools: Net beans, Eclipse, J2MEPolish Eclipse Plug In, Sun Wireless Toolkit, Nokia Series 40, Series 60 and Series 80 Emulators, Sony Ericsson Emulators, Blackberry IDE, Blackberry Device Emulators.

Technologies: CLDC/CDC and MIDP Framework, J2MEPolish, Blackberry Framework.

JSRS: 75,120,135,179,184,234,238,248,256.

Yashco systems can provide services in the following areas.
  • Custom J2ME applications easily portable to all mobile phone models.
  • J2ME wireless applications.
  • J2ME web applications.
  • Application Migration services.
  • Mobile payment solution.
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