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247TUTOR™ (Where Learning is Fun)


At 247tutor is a web based Tutor solution. We believe that learning should be Fun. It has been our observation that children learn more when they are having fun. Almost in any play situation, they seem to be able to concentrate more and behave better.
There are numerous researches that tell us about studies that were conducted on memory. It sought to find out what types of things we remember and what things we don’t. It was found that, on the whole, we tend to remember what we learned in pleasant situations and we tend to forget that which was learned during unpleasant or stressful situations.
We know so little about the mind but it does seem that it operates to protect us from bad experiences and in some extreme cases totally blocking the experience from our conscious minds.
The point here is to learn from the research and understand that information is retained or imprinted on the brain at a much higher rate when the person is relaxed and enjoying the experience. It is important that we find ways to make learning fun for children. When you want to help your child learn colors, you could drill him and insist he finish a page in a workbook, or you could play color "Go Fish".  At 247tutor we vote for games and meaningful adventures.


With the increased popularity of the internet, online tutoring and distance learning have become more popular. The definition of an online tutoring or distance learning program is tuitions offered online that do not require the student to be with tutor in person for most or all class participation. The courses allow the students to work with tutors at their own convenience or collaboratively on problems using tools like chat and white boards.


Targeted audience for this portal is students from grade 3 onwards.

Description of the project

How it works?

Every day, a large number of professional tutors will be available the minute a student needs help. Whether needed for a few minutes for a quick question or more than an hour for a complex concept, tutors will work with them to get the results they need to do well in school.

    • Stuck on homework? Spend a few minutes with a tutor and get unstuck.
    • Studying for a test? Review test material with a tutor.
    • Want to improve your grades? Work with a tutor every day and never fall behind in any subject!

Tutors will be available at any time within a fixed time frame.
To avail the services of the tutor, student will have to subscribe for the time. Time purchased by the student will be start consuming during the duration for which he/she is in session with tutor.

How tutors will help?

Tutors will use leading questions and the Socratic Method to help students find solutions to their problems. Tutors will not just give them the answers (how will they learn, if tutor just give away the answer?). Students and Tutors will use our chat feature to communicate, draw on the shared whiteboard to explain a concept, use our file sharing tool to review an essay or worksheet, or use the shared web browser to find a helpful website or conduct valuable research with the student. Tutors may also give students the boost they need by reviewing and researching key concepts, explaining what doesn't make sense and providing examples and step-by-step instruction when required.
In order to achieve this following features are a must in the portal:

    • Instant Messaging (Chat)
    • Shared Whiteboard
    • Shared web browsing
    • File sharing facility

Apart from just sharing a problem with the tutor, student will be able to take step by step tuitions on a particular subject for a particular grade from his/her tutor.

How student will gain?

Student will gain in following ways:

    • Access to best tutors – not just those within traveling distance
    • No more traveling – save time and energy
    • Get one-to-one tutoring
    • Sharing assignment / home work with the tutor
    • Can take revision of previous classes by going through saved history